General Sir Adrian John Bradshaw. KCB, OBE

Officer of the Legion of Merit(USA)
Deputy Supreme Allied Commander  2014-2017

"Britain-NATO Security & Russia"

Bradshaw was commissioned in the 14th /20th King’s Hussars in 1980

Bosnia-1994 , he became commanding Officer of the Kings Royal Hussars commanding the KRH Battlegroup in Bosnia .

Brigadier – on promotion he became “ Senior Advisor to the Combined Forces Air Component Command “ preparing for the invasion of Iraq and” Deputy Commander of Task Force West “ , in March 2003 .

April 2003 - He took charge of the 7th Armoured brigade.

2006- Director Special Forces.

March 2009 – Bradshaw was appointed General Officer Commanding !st Armoured Division which took a major training exercise in the Czech Republic in May 2009

2011- He became  Deputy Commander “ International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan “ and “Uk National Contingent Commander in Afghanistan “ in the rank of Lieut  General.

Januarary 2013 – General Bradshaw assumed the role of “ Commander Land Forces “.

March 2014 – He was made a full General and appointed “ Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe

March 2017 – He stepped down .