• Sir Michael Burton –
    Chairman Clovellylectures ” Turbulence in the Middle East/Syria. What does it mean for us ”

  • The Honourable Mrs Rous
    CEO -Clovellylectures

  • Clovelly talks
  • Lord Garnier,The Hon Mrs Rous,Sir Geoffrey Cox(Attorney General ) Sir Michael Burton 2019- Panel Discussion “What next for Britain ”

Clovelly Lectures is a Lecture Forum on World Affairs held in the idyllic village of Clovelly, North Devon, where a soft backdrop of picturesque England welcomes tough discussions. The purpose of this Forum is to provide information on policy directions for making informed choices.

Do you ever feel that, despite the information overload from 24 hour rolling news and social media, you are disconnected from the people in power whose decisions affects the way we live? The purpose of this Lecture Forum is to bring influential people out of the corridors of power and into a more relaxed setting where people can meet them and hear what they have to say.

Britain & the World:

International affairs influence every sphere of activity in modern life. Keeping abreast of developments is vital to making sure that you stay informed and can adapt successfully. Especially in changing circumstances, it is vital to safeguard your assets and investments and plan for the future.

Clovelly Lectures offers you this unique opportunity of staying well ahead of the game. Gain perspectives direct from the Policy Makers, in the relaxed atmosphere of an English seaside village.

Importance for Businesses:

Most indices, from the price of your shares to the future of your business, depends on the political situation and regulatory scenario that changes rapidly these days. The better informed you can be, the more you can safeguard assets and be better placed to determine whether a potential event is likely to help or hinder your business.

Importance for Individuals:

We live in a fast-moving highly interconnected world . Our existing systems , structures and formal institutions are constantly adapting. Pressing Global problems can arise quickly and without warning. At the same time , new and unprecedented opportunities for global growth and positive change are emerging  .  We have an opportunity to listen and interact .

 This lecture forum presents information to be understood and ideas to be  expressed  with People who are are in charge  of the future of our Country and its place in the world .